After Obama Slams Trump In Speech, The President Slaps Back Hard With The Perfect Insult

President Donald Trump is definitely not a fan of his predecessor and has also proven himself to be one who says, at whim, whatever he wants…no matter who it offends.

It’s an honest and brutal approach to presidency that seems to work considering he keeps on winning as president and certainly more so in his first year than Barack Obama did in two terms.

His seemingly narcissistic address came across as an attempt to not be forgotten or replaced by a capable and successful leader that Trump is, although, his real motive for glorifying himself is unknown…he could just believe what he’s actually convinced himself of, while trying to convince the country what a incapable president Trump is.

President Donald Trump responded to former President Barack Obama’s attack on him during a speech Friday, joking his predecessor is good for inducing sleep.

In a speech at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on Friday, Obama told the students they were coming of age when “the privileged … want to keep us divided and keep us angry and keep us cynical, because it helps them maintain the status quo and keep their power and keep their privilege.” Trump responded by saying Obama “was trying to take credit for this incredible thing that is happening to our country … I have to say this to President Obama, it wasn’t him.” The president pointed to the newly released August jobs report numbers, which showed hourly wages increased 2.9 percent, while unemployment remained at a low of 3.9 percent, matching a number not seen since 2000.

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